Long time no paint! I guess there's times when I just don't enjoy it, and then it strikes me again :-) Thank you all for looking and following! This was drawn by Bene from cazai.de and painted by me.



Something I posted on conceptart.org, that I want to share:

I stopped drawing much recently, because it didn't stop to frustrate me. Insight took me long on this one but technique is really nothing without an idea, passion or sense in what you do. In Illustration, most people dont really care if you know the muscles of the leg. They see the Idea and the Story behind it. I started to read more, talk to people more, listen to more good music, go outside more, spend less time in front of screens worrying why the pixels dont look like i want them to, read more comics, throwing boomerangs around to see if they will return.

I have faith that, if I find more things I really like and care about and know about, it will help me in my design and illustration work. I worried too much about technique. I always had this CA.org-voice in my head, that told me to make more studies, paint more still lifes, and all those things you know about when you spend a couple years here.

Remember: You don't have to do anything. There's no police breaking into your house if you don't do what you think you have to.

If you do it, do it for YOURSELF. Because it is for you and not for any school. Because you want to do it. Keep reminding yourself of that fact.

If you do it for the community or for applause, you might want to overthink it.


Animus Vox

Illustration of the song "Animus Vox" by the Glitch Mob


Painting outside again

Painting outside again. It's getting warmer!



This quickie was inspired by blink 182's Emo:

»She's better off sleeping on the floor
Because she fell right off
When all
Is said
You know
It's okay to just want more«



A rare thing for me: Commisioned Illustration. This was a test for the author.


Google Fan-Doodles

Playing around with the Google Logo. Made with Processing, which is a Java based programming language. I love doing stuff like this. If you wanna try out this app, check out http://radovcic.net/app_love1/index.html (needs Java)


Painting outside

The first 2 weeks of painting outside. Really rewarding, useful but also frustrating but in a good way!


Speedy Sketch..

..of me painting in the olympiapark. Really quick (25 min) and really dirty (filters used). =)


Quick painting

Trying to remind and remember stuff from plein air painting


About having good ideas

I recently opened a discussion thread on conceptart about having good ideas. Nice collection there!

»Catch the information life throws at you and make informationade«




Feel so blah recently. Sounds stupid but I really have no Idea what to draw/paint. Missing Ideas and Motivation.


Col Erease

Ordered myself some col-erease pencils from this place. They have a great quality! And hard to get in germany.



Went to the Hunting Museum in Munich Yesterday:

And a midnight sketch: